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Heya, I am Svetla - health educator and yoga practitioner.

At the age of fourteen, I decided to make this world a better place. For over 15 years I was investigating chemical compounds hoping to make our daily life sustainable and our immune system stronger.

However, year by year I saw more and more unhealthy and sad people. I realised that being head to the toes in research doesn't make a big difference in your life particularly and in the universe in general. 

Depressed and frustrated I accidentally dropped in Ashtanga yoga class which changed my life. Ashtanga gave strength to my body, calmness to my mind and courage of my convictions.

I packed my flasks to start a new chapter to help real individuals like You and me to deal with anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, eating disorders, excess weight to name a few.

As a scientist, I not only know but will explain to you how a simple act of eating can turn disturbance into fortune and weakness into physical and mental health. 

My main intention is to help You, a real person behind this screen, to find a happier self and live a healthier life one easy step at a time.


About Ashtanga Yoga

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How many times did you hear – Exercise for Health? And how many time did you think: exercises are boring, I am not strong to do it, I am not flexible enough, running makes me suffocate etc …

It was all about me before yoga appeared in my life. Ashtanga is designed in such a way that somehow you want to make a sequence of postures again and again, craving for more.

But physical postures is only the beginning – we think that we just put our bodies in different shapes, but somehow through the posture we got straight into our brain and soul. From the first practice you will find your mind clearer and your heart lighter.

Here at Ashtangi Who I will share everything I’ve learned and am learning from my teacher Hamish Hendry (London, UK) and guru Sharath Jois (Mysore, India) and of course my own practice.

Another effect you will notice pretty soon after starting doing Ashtanga – is changes in your weight (you will get slimmer and gain muscle weight), your appetite and food preferences.

When you get to this point, check the Food section here at Ashtangi Who. I bet you will find answers on how to address them.

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Numerous possible benefits of eating this or that product are published daily following a recent trend to talk about food. Aren’t you tired of reading these lists of adjectives? Is there actually any information behind these words?

As a nutritionist with a Ph.D. in chemistry I am digging into the science behind popular diets and food choices, superfoods, ingredients and herbs combinations. 

I will explain you in an easy and hopefully possibly fun way

how to get maximum out of your food – taste, smell, health benefits.

What food products are actually doing in your body?

How to satisfy your cravings by understanding them?

Why diets are getting popular and

Why are they not working?



Apart from having a nutritional story, each ingredient has another story.

What happens before food gets on our tables? How much do we waist and why is it important to stay sustainable about what we eat. At Ashtangi Who you will find out Foods which tell stories.



Ashtangi Who believes that in 90% of cases it takes up to 15 min of preparation to make a delicious healthy meal.

I am sharing only the recipes which I tried myself and all of them are following SAVE principals:







Why me

At first, I wanted to share here a part of my CV. But then I imagined how bored you might feel reading about my numerous degrees ( yup, I have four of them) or a list of yoga workshops which I absolutely enjoyed (better will share it with you in a blog post).

Instead, I chose 5 facts on my background to start building a trustful relationship between you and me.


1. I was raised in Ukraine, studied in Italy and London UK where I am currently based.

2. I have Ph.D. in organic chemistry.

I see food as a set of molecules and know why and how it works on the fundamental level

3. I am a certified nutrition coach because knowing why is not enough when you want to explain complex things in an easy way so that people can learn and use.

4. I practice Ashtanga yoga 6 days per week.

Because it is a lifestyle which makes me a better person.

5. I believe in traditional Ashtanga.

Because yoga is not a set of exercise and only in a traditional way this lifestyle could be properly understood, applied and shared.​

Who is Ashtangi Who

Ph.D. in Chemistry

PN Nutrition Coach

Ashtanga practitioner KPJAYI

Certified Ayurvedic Cook

Hub Leader at Food Cycle charity

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Svitla Karamshuk

Ph.D., Health Educator, Yoga teacher

email: ashtangiwho@gmail.com




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