Online Schedule (updated)


Monday                 12.00-13.00 

Tuesday                                             17.30 - 18.45 

Wednesday           12.00-13.00

Thursday                                           19.00 - 20.15

Saturday                9.00-10.00 


What will you experience?


  • Up to 10 students

  • Guided Ashtanga practice

  • Personalised verbal adjustments

  • Demos 

  • A detailed explanation of the key postures

  • Basic breathing techniques 

  • Visualisation Meditation (Tuesday and Thursday).



I teach traditional Ashtanga yoga. There are three types of classes:


LED group classes:

I count through Ashtanga yoga primary series. Students are doing a sequence of postures together at the same time. At the class I demonstrate each posture 


Mysore style group classes:

I will provide each student with an individual set of postures according to their personal needs and level of practice. Students are practicing in a group but at their own pace. The teacher provides detailed guidance and numerous physical adjustments to each student in a group.

1-2-1 classes:

This class is for deepening and tailoring the sequence to your personal needs, body type, injuries etc. We will work on the parts of practice and postures you find particularly difficult and break them down for you. We will work on your breath and find the rhythm of the practice which is beneficial for you. You will also learn the art of self-adjustments so that the practice you learn with me could be repeated on your own any time and anywhere.

Are your classes suitable for me


Ashtanga yoga best suits if you want to:

  • build up strength

  • get flexibility

  • recover from an injury

  • deal with psychological issues

  • reveal stress

  • loose weight*


My classes are  enjoyed by :

  • Students with "0" experience in yoga

  • Beginners in Ashtanga 

  • Practitioners with at least 1-2 times per week developed practice


How long is the class


The length of the class varies from 60 to 90 min 


It depends on three factors: the number of people, the purpose of the class, level of practice.

For instance, a shorter class would be suitable as a middle of the day stress releasing session for your employees.

Longer classes are good if you want to build stamina and get a deeper understanding of your body. 


How many people do you teach at a time


Led classes: 1 - 10 students. 

Mysore style classes: 1-8 students.


Why don’t you teach big groups


Ashtanga yoga is a personalised style of yoga. Practicing in a crowd is encouraging and at the same time energy draining.  I want to make sure that at my classes you get enough attention and your personal space won't be limited too.


What is your style of teaching


It is important for me to build teacher-student relationship with each of my student.  Ashtanga practice is physical but also meditative at the same time. Therefore I am trying to talk as short and precise as possible. I am doing quite a lot of physical adjustments too. Physical adjustments are the easiest and safest way to help the student to understand the posture. 


Where can I attend your classes

My Home Studio in North London (N4 area, 10 min from Finsbury Park)


Your home or office space

You can also find me daily at Astanga Yoga London 

What is a cooking workshop


According to the recent survey made in 11 European countries, an average family sticks to 5-12 recipes to cook over and over again. There are three main reasons which keep people away from experimenting with their food:

  • lack of time

  • lack of ingredients on hand

  • 100% guarantee that the new food will taste great.


My cooking workshops are addressing all these points.


I use ingredients which pretty much every family has at home or can easily find in a grocery store. All my recipes take up to 25 min of prep work.


I love to pack my workshop with as many recipes as possible so you can see how big is a variety of tastes you can get using a modest list of ingredients. 


All of my workshops are about making SAVE food -

sustainable affordable veg(eteri)an and efficient.  


What will I experience at your cooking workshop


When you arrive you will find all the ingredients, equipment and recipe cards waiting for you.

I love to pack my workshop with as many recipes as possible. Depending on the topic, you can expect to make from 5 to 8 different dishes in 2-3 hours. 


Usually, my workshops are 90% hands - on. It means you cook yourself when I am guiding you and giving short demonstrations.


Depending on your demands, I am conducting purely demonstration cooking workshops and a combination of these two.


All workshops include sharing the food we prepared.

Where do you hold your workshops




My Home Studio (temporarily unavailable).

Worldwide Schedule


What topics do you cover

  • Nutrition​

  • Ayurvedic Foods

  • Yoga diet

  • Plant-based recipes

  • Sustainable eating​​

  • Ayurvedic teas/herbs/spices

  • Modern healthy eating