New Virtual Ayurvedic School 


Food for Yogi

Interactive Seminar covers the foundation of Yogi Diet:

Nutrition Ayurveda Sustainability and Experience


You are practicing yoga and begin to mention that food could help you with that but you don't know how.


Or you heard that yogi "should eat this and not that" and feel confused?


Maybe you like myself love all about food and want to understand it a bit better?


I promise to help you sort these out.


Food for Yogis is a theoretical workshop. You will learn a bit of chemistry behind food. and what these nutrients are making in your body when you step in the mat.


You’ll have a glimpse at the vast world of Ayurvedic foods and got to know where to start from if you want to know more.


I will show you how a simple of choice of what to eat can make a significant impact on the world In You and Out of You.


My goal is not to tell you What to eat. I will give you tools to Understand what you Want to eat.


Next date: Wednesday the 6th of May 6-8 pm bst.


Ayurvedic Spring

Chat and Cook virtual practical workshop


Next date: Wednesday the 6th of May 6-8 pm bst.