What is a cooking workshops


According to the recent survey made in 11 European countries, an average family sticks to 5-12 recipes to cook over and over again. There are three main reasons which keep people away from experimenting with their food:

  • lack of time

  • lack of ingredients on hand

  • 100% guarantee that the new food will taste great.


My cooking workshops are addressing all these points. I use ingredients which pretty much every family has at home or can easily find in a grocery store. All my recipes take up to 25 min of prep work. I love to pack my workshop with as many recipes as possible so you can see how big is a variety of tastes you can get using a modest list of ingredients.  All of my workshops are about making SAVE food - sustainable affordable veg(eteri)an and efficient.  am organising and leading cooking workshops.


What will I experience at your cooking workshop


When you arrive you will find all the ingredients, equipment and recipe cards waiting for you.

I love to pack my workshop with as many recipes as possible. Depending on the topic, you can expect to make from 5 to 8 different dishes in 2-3 hours. 


Usually, my workshops are 90% hands - on. It means you cook yourself when I am guiding you and giving short demonstrations.


Depending on your demands, I am conducting purely demonstration cooking workshops and a combination of these two.


All workshops include sharing the food we prepared.

Where do you hold your workshops


It could be both your place or the place which I found and rent according to your demands. 

Find a list of forthcoming workshops 


What topics do you cover


  • Modern healthy eating

  • Easy nutrition​

  • Yoga diet

  • Plant-based recipes

  • Sustainable eating​​

  • Ayurvedic Foods

  • Ayurvedic teas/herbs/spices