Bake Pancakes Like a Pro + 3 vegan recipes!

Here in the UK there is only one Pancake Day a year. But where I am from, we celebrate spring festival with pancakes for an entire week. As tradition goes: There is a different pancake for every day of the week including a different recipe and instructions on who in the family has to bake it.

And as the pancake week is still on, I decided to share with you 5 tips which will work in pretty much every pancake recipe and guarantee you a perfect meal. Because - let’s be honest - how many times did you back off making pancakes just because you were not sure whether or not they would be worth spending time on? Use the following rules and neither your first nor second-third-last pancake will turn lumpy, rubbery or tough.

  1. Always mix all dry and “binding” ingredients (aka eggs) first.

  2. Add oil/melted butter/ghee straight in the batter just before baking.

  3. Make sure that the surface of your pan is very clean (and preferably has non stick coating) and evenly pre-heated. Not over heated, not heated only in the middle or on the left side- evenly on a medium heat!

  4. Substitute part of your liquid ingredient (aka milk) with water. When added to the batter, it makes pancakes more soft and tender. It works on flour's proteins and fiber creating the superb texture of the final product.

  5. Stack your pancakes. This is needed not only to make them stay warm, look neat and pretty and save space in the kitchen. But first and foremost, when stacked, pancakes create steam which goes through the pile and cook each other to perfection.

Congrats, we are done with the theory, now the yum part!

I have a couple of pancakes recipes which were always getting compliments and “how did you made them” kind of comments. But then I realised that non of them are actually vegan and I did want to know if non dairy/no eggs pancake could be good? It was time to open my kitchen lab and start to experiment. I was playing with those recipes which I already knew as well as trying new ones and some of them turned out so good! It would be a crime to keep them to myself.

Please let me introduce you:

Buckwheat pancakes - nutty and savoury.

Leavened pancakes - rich and spongy.

Classic crepes - thin and lacy.

As a part of experiment, I made crepes in both traditional way, using eggs, and then made a vegan egg using grounded flax seeds. It worked great, I could hardly find a difference between those too! Flax egg also did a good job in buckwheat galettes (as called in Breton, their place of origin).

So if you still had hesitations about vegan stuff, time to leave them along. Take your bowls, heat up your pans and let’s get started!

For 5 to 7 french buckwheat galettes you will need:

1 cup Buckwheat Flour

Generous pinch of salt

1 tsp flax seeds + 2 tsp of water)

1 cup of plant milk + 1/3 cup of water

½ tsp oil

1/2 tsp of baking powder

a drizzle of liquid sweetener OR 1/2 tsp of sugar