Leftovers saving noodle soup

I have a soup problem. I was raised with an idea that soup is something you are cooking in a huge pot and then eating the whole week (ok maybe not 7 days in a row but at least 3-4). But nearly all of them taste the best when just made and this causes all the problems. There are three of them which I’m trying to address while cooking for my family of two:

1. Utilising as many leftover veggies etc as possible

2. Creating as less leftovers as possible

If the first point seems fairly clear, the second one often causes troubles. Even though in my family of two both of us are soup lovers, quite often the last portion after staying in a fridge for a week (or even two) goes to the wastes. I’m not talking about bits and pieces of ingredients like e.g. tiny knob of already peeled ginger, quarter of a carrot, half of an onion etc which are carefully put in the fridge to use later and are instead successfully forgotten for weeks.

I strongly dislike this sequence of food getting spoiled as I find it to be a complete nonsense of putting effort into something to throw it away at the end. The recipe which I am happy to share with you today is a new love of mine cause it solves both of the “soup problems", is versatile and never turns to be boring but is always tasty.

I usually start from making a big pan of a basic vegetable broth. Roughly chop some carrots, onion, leek and/or celery, pepper cons, herbs like thyme and rosemary, anise star, a cassia stick. Put them all in a hot pan and let veggies caramelise or even burn a bit and spices to open up their flavours. Then pour in plenty of water, bring to a boil, lower down the heat (important cause intense boiling will make the broth cloudy and it’s enough clouds in our life to create more) and simmer for at least 30 min. I found that the longer you simmer the better it becomes, 1h30 min would be ideal. Then you could either store it in fridge for up to a week or freeze and always have some on hand.

When the broth is done it takes another 5-10 min to assamble the soup.

To the broth which is simmering add thinly sliced ginger (or use ginger paste instead), soy sauce and add any /leftover/veggies you like /have. Go for at list 3-4 different varieties and don't hesitate to use frozen veggies. They would work perfectly. Simmer for another 5-10 min (if you use raw mushrooms I’d go for 15ish).

Meanwhile soak in hot water rice or egg noodles, drain and add them to the broth and veggies. If you plan to eat the soup over a couple of days, I would recommend to keep noodles seperately and add them before serving otherwise they would become mushy. Top up with herbs and greens from the list below and your choice of protein. My favourite combo is baked tofu, chilli, mint and coriander.

Enjoy healthy lifestylers!






Baby Corn

Courgettes (pre cooked)

Aubergine (pre cooked)

Cauliflower (pre cooked)

Cabbage (thinly sliced, massaged with salt or pre-steamed)

Kale (thinly sliced, massaged with salt or pre-steamed)



Pak Choi

Bean Sprouts


Garden Peas









Wild Rocket

Spring Onion

Spring Greens

Chili pepper