• 60 min Ayurveda+Nutrition consultation
  • Body-mind elements and patterns
  • Supplemets
  • Boosters
  • Self care for your body-mind type
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Ayurvedic foods suggestion and explanation

Gift of Ayurveda and Nutrition

Amount of classes
  • Relationships with food can get more intimate than with lovers. 

    This gift card is to make a difference in life of your dear one.  

    I can promise, Your recipient will get max attention and love from the first to the last second of  the session. 

    You can or get a card to send yourself OR I will send the card on your behalf and at the time you choose.

    I will be in touch with the recipient after Xmas with the guide and questions to get ready for the consultation whenever he/she decides to book one.